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Preparing rabbits for winter

As cold weather approaches, most people begin to worry what will happen to their rabbit herd in freezing temperatures. Rabbits are most comfortable with temperatures in the low- to mid-60′s. But they will usually be just fine with very little interaction from us in temperatures as low as 20°F.

Rabbits, like many other animals, put on thick winter coats as cooler temperatures approach. And what is most important to remember when preparing your rabbit housing for the cold is to eliminate drafts and prevent cold winds, rain or snow from entering the rabbit cages. But you don’t want to make the housing airtight or you will also harm your rabbits.

Some people will just place plastic sheeting over the sides of their hutches or cages to keep out the elements. Others may want to build a lean to or structure over all of their cages and then frame it in with plastic sheeting to block some of the cold. You can also place a box inside your cages for your rabbits to burrow into for warmth, but do make sure that these boxes are staying clean because they might be mistaken for a toilet. All you really need is an enclosed box (even from cardboard) with a hole big enough for your rabbit to get though and some bedding material.

Rabbits may need extra brushing during the winter due to their thicker coats. And be sure to check them for any signs of coughing, obstructed breathing or mucus discharge around the eyes or nose. Rabbits can get colds and will need to be treated. If you rabbits become lethargic and limp, they are too cold. Get them inside a warmer space immediately and get their body temperature back up.

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