All you want to know about raising rabbits for meat

Rabbits on the table — origami style

The Easter break will be starting very soon, and it’s always a good time to do a few projects with your kids. You might have been dreaming about them cleaning out their rooms or mowing the yard — but don’t forget to plan some fun as well!

If you’re wondering what sort of cute things you can put on the table for Easter, how about some adorable origami rabbits that you can dress up your table with, surprise the kids with in their Easter baskets, or even use as name cards for your big dinner. All you need is some cute paper (or have the kids color some paper and use that instead) and a marker to draw on the face. It doesn’t get much easier…

 Because they’re so easy to make, I find the process is pretty addictive and made a little family in a matter of minutes.

Display somewhere festive, hide them around the house, or plant them in funny spots around the neighborhood where friends might find them.

I have to admit — sometimes folding origami makes me a bit uptight and antsy. But I mean seriously — how cute are these? And with something like 10-15 folds, you should be able to teach the kids how to do this in no time. I’d personally also keep the idea around for kid’s parties as something you can add to adorn gift bags or just have sitting out to look cute!

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