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Rabbit fun — Rabbit-shaped bread loaf

Ok, ok. I know this is not exactly a recipe using rabbit meat — but it would definitely make a cute addition to your dinner table for Easter, regardless of what main dish and sides that you’re serving along with it!

In her article on Bites on Today, Donna Currie goes into detail about how tricky it was to get this right. What she thought would be a no-brainer in baking turned out to be rather complicated.

Bunny-shaped bread sounded like a simple, yet brilliant idea. What could be so hard? Well, a lot of things. The first year I made it, I was very pleased with the shape of the bunny when it went into the oven, but apparently the oven was possessed. While a bunny went in, it wasn’t a bunny that came out.

As my husband so eloquently put it, “Why did you make gargoyle bread?”

I’ve honestly never made something quite this advanced when it comes to bread. And it seems that when I make it, I often end up with a perfect loaf once and then every other time I make the bread, still following the recipe exactly, something just goes wrong. The dough doesn’t rise as it should or it doesn’t cook all the way in the middle. Although I love bread, we are not always on the best of terms.

But hopefully your forays into bread baking are not as shaky as mine…and since this is a bit like baking a few different rolls together at once, I’m hoping it will go a lot better!

Go directly to the recipe on Series Eats.

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One Response to “Rabbit fun — Rabbit-shaped bread loaf”

  1. Toni Armonas says:

    I can only imagine how difficult it must have been. I have trouble with bread of one size and shape on the best of days! I think your results are perfect! Yeah for adding a little love to you loaf!


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