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American Sable Rabbits

Adult Size: Medium (8-10 pounds/ 3.5-4.75 kilograms)

Bred from Chinchilla rabbits, Sables differ only in color. The head, feet, ears, back, and top of the tail are dark sepia, while their soft, dense coat fades to a lighter tan over the rest of the body, similar to the coloring of a Siamese cat. The coat of the American Sable will usually start out quite light when the rabbit is young, then turn darker as it reaches maturity. The Sable color does not breed true and are born in three varieties of colors: white (resembling a Californian rabbit), dark seal, and a silvery gray coat.

The breed’s eyes are usually dark brown with a ruby hue, especially when reflecting light. This rabbit carries an albino gene which causes this red glow and it’s also why some kits are born white.

The coat is a medium length and Sables may need more brushing than some breeds because of their long shedding patterns. The often shed in patches but a slicker brush will often help to get rid of problem areas quickly.

Sables are very affectionate, generally docile and love attention but can be moody. They appreciate the companionship of their owners, but on their own terms. American Sable rabbits also enjoy the company of other rabbits.


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