All you want to know about raising rabbits for meat
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How to can rabbit for long term storage

If you jump into the world of raising rabbits for meat, you may suddenly find yourself with a WHOLE LOT of rabbit meat at once. Perhaps you wanted to sell off extra meat or there was an accidental pregnancy. Or maybe you just want to stockpile meat for hard times ahead. Whatever your reason, the only way to can rabbit meat (and most other meats) is to use PRESSURE CANNING. A water bath will not be sufficient and...

Rabbit Recipes: Grilled rabbit with simple basil pesto

Whether you’re raising your own rabbits for meat or buying your meat from somewhere else, there are nearly limitless ways to cook rabbit. One important thing to keep in mind though, is that slow or fast cooking is the preferred method with rabbit. Many rabbit recipes are stews or braises that you leave in the over or on the stove top for several hours. Rabbit can become tough if not cooked correctly but once...
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