All you want to know about raising rabbits for meat
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Two orders of rabbit & chips to go, please

The screams of those suffering from high food prices are everywhere. So in many places, people are starting to get creative. I was in a supermarket in Holland recently and they actually had rabbit in the meat section, cleaned and prepackaged just like a a slab of beef or chicken wings. But the rabbit meat was vastly cheaper than its counterparts (no pun intended.) And that is why places in the UK are starting to...

Why keeping quiet about your rabbits is always wise

A rabbit farmer in Springmount, Ontario, by they name of Larry Byers is going out of business. He was robbed 3 times in past month. And just this weekend a total of 77 rabbits, four bags of feed and nine transport cages were taken. In January, thirteen Californian rabbits stolen from him. Was it thieves out to sell the rabbits as meat and earn a few bucks? Or perhaps just animal activists trying to...
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