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Crème D’Argent Rabbits

Adult Size: Medium - Large (8-11 pounds/ 3.6-5 kilograms)

Conservation Priority (ALBC): Watch

Crème d’Argent rabbits are similar to the Champagnes but generally weigh a bit less. At birth their fur has lots of orange coloring but as they grow older they become a more creamy white with a bright orange undertone.

The Crème D’Argent breed originated in France in the mid to late 1800’s and was sought after for its fur. The breed was introduced to America around 1920 and was sometimes also bred with other breeds such as Golden Palominos. Today, the Creme d’Argent is a rare breed.  This breed may be a lot similar to Champange d’Argent. Some even consider this the Champagne’s smaller variety.

Although Crème d’Argent rabbits are considered a meat breed, they can be difficult to raise. Although they also don’t put on weight as well as other breeds. Aggressive behavior may present itself, especially in females, but they are usually a rather docile, friendly and gentle breed. For most, they are quiet, calm, and like other breeds, enjoy human attention. The does are known to be good mothers that produce an average of 5-8 kits per litter. When handled correctly from the very start, they can very likely become a lovely and amiable pet. They have a relaxed and likeable personality making them a very good choice to breed for beginners.

Color is the most important and unique feature of a Crème. It is best described as orange silver. The under color is rich orange showing brightness and carry all the way down to the skin. With proper under color, the muzzle and ears appear darker than the body.

The body of a Crème is of medium-length accompanied by well-developed shoulders and hindquarters. They have deep, thick loin and their shoulders are slightly narrower than its hips. The head is also medium in length and is carried as close to the body. Eyes are bright in color, bold and alert in expression. Toenails are dark, however, some are light colored as well.

The Crème d’Argent is a functional rabbit for meat as well as for show but because they are endangered they are in need of conservation at present.

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