Florida White rabbits are a small-sized rabbit breed (adults weigh 4-6 pounds or 1.8-2.7 kilos, with the does being heavier) that was developed in Florida in the 1960’s as a meat rabbit which would also be functional for laboratory use. Its lines originated from small New Zealand, Polish White and Dutch White rabbits.

The fur is white with good density and texture, and they have a compact, meaty body, short neck, and small head. The ideal Florida White is a short bodied, well rounded with plenty of muscle for size in the hindquarters, back and shoulders. The ideal senior weight for the breed is 5 pounds, with an acceptable range from 4-6 pounds. Separating them early is crucial since they often mature quickly.
Florida Whites are generally docile, good natured rabbits that make excellent mothers. Because of its smaller size, Florida Whites are ideal for those who don’t have a lot of space to devote to their rabbitry or who may be raising them indoors.
To get in touch with Florida White breeders or learn more about the breed, visit  www.fwrba.net