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Hotot or Blanc d’Hotot Rabbits

Adult Size: Medium (7-10.5 lbs/ 2.7-4.8 kg)


Conservation Priority (ALBC): Threatened

The Hotot breed originated in Hotot-en-Auge, France and was bred by Eugenie Bernhard, the second woman to be credited with creating a new breed of rabbit. The breeding of this kind was a long process, but Bernhard finally finally became successful with these Blanc d’Hotots. The breed is fairly new to the United States but is considered endangered by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.

It has a unique coloring of a pure white body with black circles around the eyes, similar to spectacles. The black ring should be no more than 1/8 inch wide. Hotots grow to between eight and ten inches in length, and are stocky.

The white coat will require regular grooming but it is a very docile rabbit. They are an active, hardy breed and are easily raised in all wire cages. They are fairly good mothers, have good-sized litters, and the young grow rather fast. Their personalities are known to be generally quite, calm and enjoy human attention and interaction.

The Hotots are generally described to have well-rounded, thick and meaty medium-length body, with a deep, full and well-rounded hindquarter. A Hotots body shape is the result of muscles that are well distributed giving it development and compactness. They were bred for the their meat, fur and were also used as a show animal. Hotots were considered to be an all-purpose animal. They produce a very striking appearance especially when they are cared for and groomed properly. Also described as having a “squarish” appearance. They carry their ears tautly in a “V” shape and have bright brown eyes to match their thin-rimmed black spectacles and black eyelashes. This breed makes for an adorable pet.

The breed is most known for its lustrous fur and abundance of guard hairs that can give the fur a frosty white sheen appearance. They have no other pigmentation on the body except for the eye circles that is the considered the most prominent feature of this breed. The nails are non-pigmented pinkish white in color and the ears are well furred, close at the base widening out and terminating into rounded tips. They belong to the larger side and are said to grow and mature fast.


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