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Plans for building rabbit cages, hutches & other housing

Building suitable housing for your rabbits is one of the most important aspects of starting your rabbitry. Not only does it need to keep your rabbits safely inside (without allowing them to escape or predators to get in) but it also need to be as easy to maintain as possible so that you don’t spend all of your free time cleaning to avoid diseases from becoming more prevalent in your rabbitry.

The following links will take your to free plans for rabbit cages, hutches and various other rabbit housing alternatives which you can build yourself or have someone build for you.

Rabbit Cages

  • Homemade Rabbit CagesPlans for conventional and Quonset-style wire rabbit cages with the dimensions 30-inches deep, 36-inches long and 18-inches deep.


Rabbit Hutches


photo credit: Korjarie Matiessa via photopin cc

Rabbit Houses


Commercial-Scale Rabbitries

  • Four-Row Caged Rabbit House Plans – Mississippi State University — An equivalent of 64 – 30″x30″ or 52 – 36″x30″ cages for does and young plus 2 – 24″x30″ cages for bucks can be installed.
  • Six-Row Caged Rabbit House Plans – Mississippi State University — An equivalent of 108 – 30″x30″ or 90 – 36″x30″ cages for does and young plus 12 – 24″x30″ cages for bucks can be installed.


Tractor Plans

If you decide to put your rabbits in a “tractor” pen that can be moved around your garden or yard, be sure that they don’t start trying to dig out. If they do, you may need to put wire on the bottom of the pen to prevent them from escaping.

  • Reuse wooden pallets to make a chicken/rabbit tractorThis guide doesn’t give rabbits a place for shade so you’ll probably want to cover one end of it or build a hut for them to rest in, but this is a very simple design that will keep your rabbits from harm while allowing them to get some exercise.
  • PVC Poultry Pen with covered areaExtremely simple to assemble and spacious enough for a few does or does with larger kits to explore and exercise. You might need to watch out for them trying to chew their way out though.
  • Movable Chicken Coop (suitable for rabbits) — Although this is another plan for a chickens, it could easily be used for rabbits as well. This would be great for bucks and does that aren’t currently being bred.


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