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Rare earless rabbit meets horrible fate

In a tragic turn of events, a rare earless rabbit was killed just before it could gain its 15 minutes of TV fame. The three-week-old bunny, born to eared parents along with 5 other eared kits, had an extremely rare birth defect that resulted in it having no ears at all.

As reported by GlobalPost:

Til was due to meet the public at a press conference on Thursday. A TV crew was invited to get some shots of him the day before, the Bild newspaper reported, which is when disaster struck: a cameraman took a step backwards while filming in Til’s enclosure, and trod directly on him.

“Everyone here is upset,” zoo director Uwe Dempewolf told the Spiegel, adding that the cameraman was “distraught.”

Til, the earless rabbit

This little guy really was quite adorable. It’s a shame that he met such a horrible fate. But his legacy may live on, since the Limbach-Oberfronha Zoo in lower Saxony (Germany) is considering having his body stuffed.

Read the full article at GlobalPost.

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