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Rare Rabbit Breeds List

As of December 24, 2010, there are currently 16 rabbits breeds which are in danger of extinction because so few breeders in America are raising them. Some of these rabbit breeds were once popular meat and fur breeds that have been replaced with the more common commercial breeds like Californians and New Zealands.

Because most of these breeds were introduce to the US in the 1920’s, they are also considered heritage rabbit breeds. The conservation of these breeds by becoming a breeder of them yourself and even raising them for show is highly encouraged.

This list was compiled by The Rabbit Geek, who assembled these rankings based upon breeding statistics from the last five years via ARBA registrations. You can find the raw data files and more information about how the list was compiled on here.

2010 Rare Breed Rabbit Rank

Blanc de Hotot with its distinctive ring around the eye

  1. Blanc de Hotot
  2. Giant Angora
  3. Cinnamon
  4. Beveren
  5. American
  6. Satin Angora
  7. Giant Chinchilla
  8. Lilac
  9. Silver
  10. American Sable
  11. Belgian Hare
  12. American Chinchilla
  13. Rhinelander
  14. Creme d’Argent
  15. Silver Fox
  16. Palomino

Note: Standard Chinchilla was #16, is now #17 and is off the list. Palomino has joined the Rare Breed List.

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