Adult Size: Medium (8-9 pounds/ 3.6-4 kilograms)

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© Just chaos

The Standard Rex is not one of the more popular commercial breeds because they are a bit smaller than other breeds and have a lower meat-to-bone ratio. The breed originated in France in 1919 as the result of a recessive genetic mutation leading to guard hairs that are no longer than the undercoat. They have fine, velvety fur which is about half an inch in length (1.27centimeters.) This short fur, small narrow feet with thin footpads does make them more susceptible to sore hocks from constantly standing on the wire cages. Putting a wooden board or a mat for them to rest on in their cage could help prevent that.

A Rex rabbit is a great foster mother and a pair of them can be housed together, allowing them to be bred in very small areas. With their good nature and maternal instinct, they often accept the young of other rabbits and raise them as their own. The breed is intelligent and can be quite affectionate. They have low to moderate activity level and are most active in the evening and early morning hours than the rest of the day. The Rex is often likened to being “cat-like” because of their playful nature and relaxed. It was also claimed that Rex rabbits are one of the most intelligent breeds. They are easily litter trained but remember that clay or cedar-based litters are hazardous to the animal’s health. Because they are intelligent, they have the capability to learn some tricks but they require the motivation such as giving them a treat. With proper handling and education, Rex rabbits can be an excellent choice for families with children.

The Standard Rex is bred in many, many different colors and also has blue eyes instead of brown. It has a slightly broader head than other breeds of rabbit, proportionate and upright ears as well as toenails that match the color of its fur.

The Rex rabbits were used for meat quite often but less and less nowadays. The popular choice for rabbit meat now would be the Flemish Giants because it is larger in size.