The screams of those suffering from high food prices are everywhere. So in many places, people are starting to get creative. I was in a supermarket in Holland recently and they actually had rabbit in the meat section, cleaned and prepackaged just like a a slab of beef or chicken wings. But the rabbit meat was vastly cheaper than its counterparts (no pun intended.)

And that is why places in the UK are starting to offer rabbit on their menus. Restaurants of all shapes and sizes want their clientele to keep coming back for more so they are now offering rabbit, a less expensive meat with even more health benefits. Butchers are stocking skinned rabbits now as well for £3.00-3.50 per pound. Even fish and chip vendors are jumping on the bandwagon, offering rabbit and chips for those who dare to wander from the usual fish or chicken.

Almost everyone is currently looking for ways to pinch pennies but they don’t want their quality of life to suffer. Imagine how much money you could save if you not only switch to eating rabbit when you dine out, but if you actually started raising your own rabbits at home. You can completely control what they eat, how they live, if they’ve been sick and how they will die. Rabbits are easy to raise and far less work than most other small livestock. Plus they multiply like crazy so you really only need 3-4 producing rabbits to feed a family of  four year round.

I can’t possibly go into all the details here, but check out the ebook Raising Rabbits to Surive! for more information about how you can start becoming more self-sufficient today.